Reviews life coaching

If you want to get started with life coaching, it is helpful to know how others have experienced the coaching. You can find some of the reviews my clients have given me below. Most reviews have been translated, as they are from my Dutch clients. 

Peace of mind

“I started a new job and I know that I can get overstimulated quickly, so I wanted to be coached. When I read Jojanneke’s story in Happinez magazine, I recognized a lot. Our first meeting felt very pleasant. She came across as a pleasant person and even better, her energy felt neutral instead of biased. I have had a total of 5 sessions that helped me to create peace in my body and mind. Learning to deal with energies of others has been of great value. Just as discussing, evaluating and learning from all kinds of situations. I have been able to use this both privately and at work. The great thing about Jojanneke’s way of working is that you do it together. But when you leave, practice and use it in everyday life, you can do it on your own! ”- Iris

The right cord

“While reading her interview in Happinez magazine, I felt that the story of Jojanneke touched me. When she turned out to be just a few blocks away, I no longer hesitated and contacted her. The feeling of being touched is still present. Jojanneke often knows exactly how to hit the right chord. She asks good questions, in a way that enables you to find the answers within yourself. This really helps to gain insight into your own patterns. At the psychologists practice I missed the practical part dealing with new insights: what can you really change? What approach feels right? I certainly found that practical side – and more – at Jojanneke’s practice. This combined with the wonderful (often sunny!) walks through the dunes, gave me peace of mind. ”- Kathy

Getting to the core quickly

“Now that I am in my late 30s and now that I am working at the same organization for 9 years, it is time to do something different, I thought. But what motivates me in my work? What makes me feel satisfied? Applying for a nice comparable position would probably work, but isn’t it time for a radical choice; for a completely different job? With these questions I came to Jojanneke. At the intake, Jojanneke asked a number of questions that really made me think. After a few sessions, I knew what I had to do: no radical decision, but making sure that I got more out of the things that really gave me satisfaction in my present work. I was surprised how I actually already knew what I needed but that I did not see this. Jojanneke helped me a lot with this. She gives space, lets you find your own answers and quickly comes to the core. The conversations we had while walking on the beach were very pleasant. I could be myself in these conversations; I didn’t have to fool Jojanneke (or myself). Nice to see that she is so effective by asking good questions at the right times. In short, Jojanneke is accessible, warm, sincere and knows how to get to the core very quickly. ”- Gerhard

Tools to serve my inner critic of reply

“I entered this year with the intention of working on myself. I especially wanted to subject my negative convictions to a thorough cross-examination. I noticed that in the past year I got stuck in my negativity. This negativity was projected on myself but also affected my environment. How can you be positive, optimistic and, above all, kind to others if you treat yourself rather cruel? I wanted to do something about it. After a long search I came across Jojanneke. What appealed to me were her blogs that provided insight into what is essential for her work as a coach: connection, compassion, empathy, understanding. It gave me the feeling that I was at the right place with her: a coach with a good dose of empathy and with strong communication skills with which she could hold a (confronting) mirror to me if necessary. And above all: no floating talk, no stirring words, no high-flying goals under the guise that the impossible is always possible. The possible is often difficult enough to understand and accept. That was my goal: trying to come to the acceptance of who I am with all the many tokens and ties that go with it. The sessions with Jojanneke gave me enough tools to serve my inner critic a little more of a reply. And this may sound silly, but our conversations scoured regularly, the inconvenience you experience when someone puts their finger on the sensitive spot. That is a good sign for me, that is what I expect from a coach: someone who dares to expose what needs to be exposed. In short: I am very satisfied with my journey with Jojanneke. The name of her company is in my opinion very appropriate: what’s in a name … “- Roland

Safe, personal and professional

“Nothing is weird to me. I may not have experienced everything myself, but I can imagine it. That was one of the things that Jojanneke said in the intake interview. And so it was. The coach sessions on the beach felt very safe, personal and professional. We have left many conversations on “their course”, as a result of which other fascinating things emerged that could still be explored. I have experienced the coaching as very positive! ”- Anonymous

The right questions

“The coaching sessions I had with Jojanneke were very pleasant. Jojanneke creates a safe, open, non-judgmental atmosphere. That’s why I felt free to say everything, even though I’m not a talker. Jojanneke knows very well what you need at what time. She asks the right questions, she offers other forms of coaching than just talking and makes you think about certain matters yourself. I am very happy that I took the step and ended up at her practice! ”- Lisa

Natural and intuitive

“Jojanneke is a very nice coach, who can make you feel comfortable and guides you through the coaching process in a very natural way. She can very well sense what you need in the moment and has a very open attitude. During the coaching some subjects spontaneously surfaced, and Jojanneke could always do something with it. This intuitive method suited me very well. ”- Anonymous

Casual, warm and insightful

“I experienced the coaching as very pleasant; casual, warm, but certainly insightful and confronting. Jojanneke radiates tranquility, acceptance and warmth without losing her professionalism. She listens extremely well and knows how to bring you back to the core (which was good for me, as I tend to rationalize, laugh or talk about other things when it gets vulnerable) and always knows how to hit the right note. I have benefited a lot from our conversations and can heartily recommend her. ”- Mel

The answers came from within myself

“I experienced coaching at Hart & Ziel Coaching as moments where I could say anything without getting an opinionated response from Jojanneke. That felt very safe. The atmosphere is relaxed, which certainly helps. Once I went to the coaching with the idea that we could not really do anything because I was not concerned with what we had discussed the previous time. Jojanneke made sure I didn’t feel guilty about that. She was also able to make me leave with new intentions and a relieved feeling. Jojanneke has given me insights, especially by asking the right questions. The answers often came from within myself. ”- Maarten

Friendly atmosphere

“I found the coaching sessions with Jojanneke very pleasant. The friendly atmosphere made it easy for me to talk about my obstacles and thoughts without feeling they were crazy. I have always been able to apply Jojanneke’s advice and I still do so today. They are advices that I can always apply at any time and in any situation. I often think about our sessions and am glad I went to see Jojanneke. ”- Patricia

Personal and professional

“I have experienced the coaching as very personal and professional and I like Jojanneke’s calm approach. I would definitely recommend her as a coach. ”- Anonymous

Building confidence

“It was a very nice experience. I started with a slight skeptical feeling and I really didn’t know what to expect but I knew I had to do something. The coaching was exactly what I needed. Jojanneke has been able to hit the right chord. It has given me the tools I needed to build my confidence. Every session was different and useful and every time I had the feeling that I “moved upwards”. “- Stephanie

Space and strenght

“The coaching with Jojanneke has given me the space and strength to listen better to myself. Even though that will probably remain a lifelong focus for me, coaching at Jojanneke has made me look at myself and my learning process with a little more gentleness. ”- Charlotte

With both feet on the ground

“Jojanneke is a nice person who (seemingly) has little trouble putting you on the ground with both feet and helping you answer the questions about yourself.” – Chantal

Free approach based on intuition

“I experienced Jojanneke as a gentle and friendly coach who gives you sharp, appropriate feedback to get you thinking! I felt at ease with her and we quickly came to my core themes. The free approach based on intuition ensured that I now recognize these themes, understand them and can look at them with a more compassionate look. ”- Sanneke

Breaking through disfunctional patterns and negative thoughts

“Jojanneke taught me how to better manage my own choices in life and in my work. She also taught me to listen more to my feelings. She also helped me to break through old, disfunctional patterns and negative thoughts. Very inspiring how coaching works in such a positive way. ”- Anouk

Holding up a mirror

“Jojanneke is an open-minded person. Her decisiveness and personal guidance gave me the space I needed to develop as a person. Jojanneke will also hold up a mirror when needed. I was able to discover and accept myself again! I am a happier person because of that. ”- Caroline

Open, nice and honest coach

“Jojanneke’s site appealed to me immediately and I fully agree with the earlier reviews. She is an open, pleasant and honest coach. Jojanneke shows you your own value and gives feedback when necessary. Her tips and tools helped me a lot. The homework was alternately practical, relaxing and / or gave food for thought. Jojanneke observes and really sees you too. I notice that everything discussed and practiced in the sessions still helps me in daily life. Thank you very much for that! ”- Helga

Voyage of discovery

“The solution to the question that you start coaching with at Jojanneke’s can be found within yourself. You can find that solution by going on a voyage of discovery. Jojanneke puts you to work in a pleasant and sensitive way. She is clearly present if necessary, steps back to let you experience the consequences of your choices and experiences and gives you support when you need it. Her practical and easily applicable tips help you to retain the insight gained. Jojanneke is a ‘tour guide’ who lets you make your own journey of discovery and is pleasant travel company. “- Poul


“As a coach and trainer, Jojanneke knows how to maintain peace in the group and has an eye for what everyone needs individually. In response to something you say, she has the gift of giving back exactly what is right, in very simple words that are always right. ”- Jolanda

A level deeper

“I wanted to quit a certain habbit. Each time I did not succeed, I knew there was more to it and I analyzed it extensively for myself with tips from others. I thought I’d give coaching a try anyway, but did not expect much. I was wrong there, and luckily. Jojanneke was patient and asked questions at a completely different level. She guided me through my feelings and answers, very surprising how she could get there. With new insights I can now carry on and make a real effort to quit. In short Jojanneke is very observant, empathetic and a good guide when it comes to gaining insights and finding solutions. I wish everyone who can use some help to move forward with their goals finds an enlightening coach like Jojanneke! She really goes a lever deeper. ”- Marjon

Feel what needs attention

“Jojanneke is a lady who feels really well what needs attention and then gets started with the coaching in a pleasant way!” – Karen

Getting to the essence of the problem

“Jojanneke is a sympathetic, calm coach with a great deal of expertise and empathy. I really enjoyed having Jojanneke as a coach. She listens with great attention, asks good questions and lets you get to the heart of your request for help. She masters various coaching techniques, is empathetic and provides all kinds of tools for tackling the matter. I thought it was amazing how quickly she was able to get to the essence of my problem without judging and with respect for my own choices. The homework assignments she gives encourage you to think for yourself and to get started. I wish everyone a coaching process with Jojanneke because she makes a lot of effort to really help you on your path. ”- Irene


“Attentive and inviting: Jojanneke gives you space by listening with space and also responding with space.” – Leonie

Searching together for solutions to bottlenecks

“Jojanneke is a coach who will look for solutions to your problems together with you. She observes your situation and offers an objective view. It helps to view your situation from various points of view. Together you come up with ways to tackle your bottlenecks. The coaching also made me reflect on a lot of things. By applying small techniques, you can make it a lot easier for yourself. For me, it was really beneficial! Jojanneke is social, friendly, diligent and driven. She is a real coach and will not instruct you. Because you go through this process together. ”- Nicole

Warm personality

“Jojanneke has a warm personality and leaves room for self-development. Her coaching works in a structured way, but also leaves room for an alternative approach if the situation requires it. Approach follows development. “- Marjorie