Privacy statement Hart & Ziel Coaching

The translation of this privacy statement has been created with Google Translate.  Feel free to contact me if the information in this statement is unclear.

I do everything I can to respect your privacy and protect your data. That is why I adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This privacy statement applies if you purchase products and / or services from me, visit my website and / or receive my newsletter. In this statement I explain how I handle your personal data. I indicate which data I collect, for what purpose I use it and what rights you have when it comes to your data. Do you have questions? Please contact me.

For the readability of this document I have used the “I” form. Where “I” or “my” is stated, the sole trader Hart & Ziel Coaching is meant.

1. What information do I keep and / or use, for how long and for what purpose?

Which data I store and / or use depends on the products and / or services that you purchase from me.

a. Coaching processes

I make a concise report of every coaching session. I do this so that I can follow the common thread throughout the coaching process, prepare every session well and come back to important points in the next session. I consider and treat the reports in strict confidence. This also applies if your coaching process is reimbursed by your employer. I write the reports with pen and paper, so they are not stored on a computer. I keep the reports in a locked cupboard for 3 years. If you want me to destroy your file earlier, I will. Please note that I will miss information during a possible follow-up process or refresh session.

I use your telephone number and / or e-mail address to schedule appointments or to change them if required. It is also possible that we have contact by e-mail between sessions, for example about a homework assignment.

I also use your (company) name, address and e-mail address to send you quotes and / or invoices and to keep my accounts. The tax authorities oblige entrepreneurs to keep their records for 7 years.

Finally, I use your personal data to handle any complaints and / or disputes with you.

b. Sending newsletters

If you have registered for this and have provided your name and e-mail address, you will regularly receive an e-mail newsletter via the mail program Mailchimp. If you no longer wish to receive the newsletter, you can easily unsubscribe via the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter. Deregistration is automatic, but Mailchimp does not automatically delete your name and e-mail address. After deregistration, this information is still in a list with all deregistrations. Nothing happens with this list. Don’t you want this? Then send me a message stating that you want me to delete your data manually.

c. Processing orders in the webshop

If you buy a product or service in my webshop, I need your (company) name, address and email address to process your order. I keep this data for 7 years in connection with the legal obligation of the Tax Authorities, after which they are automatically deleted from the order system.

d. Website behavior and visitor data

General visitor data is recorded with Google Analytics at If your browser sends your visit data (you can adjust this yourself if you wish), they will be included in the statistics of my website. For example, I can see how often and when my site is visited and which pages are popular. This data is never traceable to individual visitors. The data in Google Analytics is stored indefinitely.

2. Which third parties have access to your data?

Under no circumstances will I sell your data to third parties, such as other companies.

a. Bookkeeper

When you are a Hart & Ziel Coaching customer, my accountant has insight into the personal data on my invoices. This is so that my accountant can perform administrative and accounting tasks on my behalf. I have requested a processing agreement from my accountant.

b. Hosting provider

This website is hosted by Xel. In the processing agreement that I have concluded with them you can read how they handle the data that they can view via the hosting of this website.

c. Email program

If you have registered for my newsletter, your first name and e-mail address will be saved with the Mailchimp e-mail program. In the processing agreement that I have concluded with Mailchimp you can read how they handle the data that they can view via my mailing list.

d. Webshop and payment program

The Hart & Ziel Coaching webshop is made possible by the online shopping platform Woocommerce and the Mollie payment system. If you buy a product or service in my webshop, Woocommerce and Mollie can view the following information: (company) name, address, e-mail address and payment information. Mollie also collects internet data. The privacy statements of Mollie and Woocommerce state what is collected, for how long and for what purpose.

e. Auxiliary agencies

I may have to share your information with others in order to comply with a legal obligation. For example, I may have to share your data in the context of a criminal investigation. In the event of a worrying situation, I may be forced to make a report to your doctor or to the police.

3. Use of technologies such as cookies

My website uses cookies. A cookie is a small (text) file that puts a website on the hard drive of your computer when you visit my site. My website places the following cookies:

a. Cookie for Google Analytics

The website uses Google Analytics from Google Inc to keep track of how visitors use my website. This allows me, for example, to see how often and when my site is visited and which pages are popular. The information obtained from the cookie, in combination with your IP address, is transferred to one of the Google servers. This can be a server located in the United States. If you do not want Google Analytics to place a cookie, you can disable this via your browser. In the Google privacy statement you can read how they handle your privacy.

b. Social media share buttons

There are buttons on my website that allow visitors to share my blog posts on various social media. Cookies are placed to make these buttons work. Read the privacy statements of these social media to find out what personal data they process through the cookies and how they handle your privacy:

c. Plugins

This website works with the help of a number of plugins. A plugin is a piece of software with a group of functionalities that can be added to a WordPress website. The plugins I use make it possible, for example, to create contact forms and eliminate spam responses to blog articles. It sometimes happens that I change plug-in, for example if I need a more user-friendly or more advanced functionality. That is why I do not include the overview of plug-ins in this statement. Do you still want to know which plug-ins I use and what that means for your privacy? Then contact me.

4. General online security

This website and all traffic through this website (including e-mail traffic with info@hartenzielcoachingnl and information sent via forms) is secured with an SSL connection. SSL is a technique that secures the connection between the visitor of a website and the server where the website is hosted by means of very strong encryption. This makes it impossible for others to “read along” and ensures that all information traffic with Hart & Ziel Coaching is secure.

5. View your data and adjust or delete it

If you want, you can view your personal data and / or have it changed or deleted. You can use the contact form for this. I will first check whether the request really comes from you.

6. Change of privacy statement

I can change this privacy statement. This may be necessary, for example, due to legislative changes regarding the protection of personal data. If I change something substantial, I will state that in my newsletter.

7. Information about my company

Sole proprietorship Hart & Ziel Coaching
Business address: Ribesstraat 114, 2563 PC The Hague
Chamber of Commerce number: 58448802
Contact via: contact form

This statement was last amended on August 1, 2019.