As a life coach with a background in communications I am always open to collaborations that lead to inspiring articles or other media expressions. I think it’s fun and important to talk about taboos and prejudices and to offer a different, healthier perspective on things. I do not shy away from sharing my personal experiences. On this page you will find an overview of Dutch media attention on external websites. Are you interested in a collaboration or contribution? Then I look forward to hearing from you.

Hart & Ziel Coaching in de media

RTL News – article about post-vacation blues

RTL Nieuws interviewed me about post-vacation blues: what is it and what can you do to prevent or overcome it? In this (Dutch) article I share insights and pointers to minimize the post-vacation blues.

Happinez – interview about my burnout

In Happinez number 6 of 2018 I talk about my burnout. I share my experience, lessons learned and the discovery of my inner strength. I contributed to the article because I think it is important that we all talk more openly about burnout and the (deeper) meaning of it. Also, I want to do my part when it comes to getting rid of taboos and prejudices about burnout. I believe burnout can actually lead to positive life changes, as I have experienced myself and talk about in the interview. You can read the interview (in Dutch) in this PDF.

RTL News – article about unemployment

RTL Nieuws interviewed me and asked me for pointers when it comes to dealing with an unemployed partner. In this (Dutch) article, I give 10 pointers for the significant other.

Magazine for Coaching – case about controlling boundaries

Tijdschrift voor Coaching asked me to reflect on a coaching case. In this case, a teacher is looking for ways to manage her energy and boundaries. You can read her story and my respond in this PDF (in Dutch).

AD Haagse Courant – Coaching by the sea

AD Haagse Courant interviewed me about the Coaching by the Sea initiative (this initiative has come to an end) and the positive impact anyone can make by really listening to other people’s stories.  You can read my story in this (Dutch) article.

Blog articles for other websites

Below you find an overview of blog articles that I wrote for other websites:

Nieuwetijdskind Magazine
House of Awareness