About Jojanneke

My name is Jojanneke Koedam (1981) and I am an intuitive life coach and founder of Hart & Ziel Coaching (Heart & Soul Coaching). At my practice you are most welcome to just be you, grow and blossom. It is my mission to help you to be more compassionate with yourself. Why? Because self-compassion is vital when it comes to all aspects of personal development. From finding out what you truly desire in life to self-realization. From healthy, loving relationships to standing up for yourself.


I founded my coaching practice in 2013. People often ask me what made me decide to become a life coach. Well, it didn’t just occur to me overnight. A lot of things preceded my decision. A successful career in which I lacked satisfaction, a burnout, an ever-growing “is this all there really is” feeling and a simultaneous growing feeling that I could do more with my life. It has taken a lot of time and soul searching to get from doubt to with clarity and direction. In the end it was actually quite simple: I started doing what I could and had already done for a long time. Guiding people on their path with my intuition, wisdom and open heart and making the world a little bit more beautiful doing so.

Intuïtief life coach Jojanneke Koedam duinen 2019
Intuïtief life coach Jojanneke Koedam bos 2019

Me in my spare time

I live together with my partner Ruben. In my spare time I like being outside in nature. The beach and the dunes in The Hague are favorite. Being alone is also important to me. It allows me to discharge and charge. But I can also really enjoy a good party with lovely people. I like to immerse myself in topics such as personal development, health and spirituality. To me, a conscious and compassionate life is about more than just my own little world. That is why I am also involved in issues such as sustainability, animal welfare and veganism.

Living and working abroad

At the age of 18, I decided to go to London for a year to work there. Alone. I still consider this to be one of my best decisions ever. My then quite small world expanded in many good ways. I befriended people from all over the world and learned about different cultures. Since then I have travelled a lot and I have also studied in Lisbon for some months. I still love meeting people from other countries and cultures, which is also why I love coaching non-Duchies.

My own personal development

I find it important for me as well as for my company to continue to develop and challenge myself. Just like everyone else, I have my own set of life lessons and things I can still work on. Getting started with personal development can be confronting and annoying, but also empowering and fun! In my experience, it often results in self-knowledge and conscious choices that make life feel more light and valuable. Besides, every time I take the next step in my personal development, it brings more depth to my coaching. That is why I regularly get additional training, coaching or find other ways to get inspired.

Education, training and courses

  • 2019   Intuition Next Level – Nina Hamburger
  • 2018   Retreat Journey of the hero – Jet Centeno
  • 2017   Trajectory Journey of the hero – Jet Centeno
  • 2016   The Whole Woman Masterclass – Violetta Pleshakova en Dunja Zigic
  • 2016   Workshop Mother daughter constellations – Jet Centeno
  • 2015   Drawing as an intervention – BivT
  • 2014   Body Drum Release – BivT
  • 2014   EFT Practitioner – BivT
  • 2014   Training Voice Dialogue – IMC Mensontwikkeling
  • 2013   Intuitive Coaching – IMC Mensontwikkeling (accredited by the NOBCO)
  • 2012   Life Coaching – NHA

You can follow me on InstagramFacebook or LinkedIn. Do you have any questions or would you like to book an intake? Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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