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Do you wish to grow and blossom? Then I welcome you at Hart & Ziel Coaching (Heart & Soul Coaching). My name is Jojanneke Koedam and it’s my mission to help you to be more compassionate with yourself. Why? Because self-compassion is vital when it comes to all aspects of personal development. From finding out what you truly desire in life to self-realization. From healthy, loving relationships to standing up for yourself. Are you ready for the next step in your personal development? As an intuitive life coach I gladly guide you on your path. My working method is characterized by warmth, sincere interest and an intuitive approach. I coach at my coaching practice in The Hague, in nature and over Skype. 

Good reasons to start with life coaching

My clients are often intelligent, self conscious, sensitive people who wish to get more out of their lives. Themes that often arise in my coaching practice are: high sensitivity, following your heart, self-acceptance and feeling it’s okay to be yourself, nonviolent communication, finding meaning in life and burnout recovery. Below you find some specific questions and goals people have when they approach me:

  • I want to improve my self-image.
  • I want to break through negative patterns.
  • I want to take better care of myself en my energy level.
  • I would like to have a healthy, loving relationship.
  • I’m missing meaning in life.
  • I feel blocked/ stagnant and want to move forward.
  • I need help overcoming certain incidents. 
  • I’m always focussed on others and I want to learn to prioritize myself.
  • I find it hard to get in touch with my feelings and/or to listen to my intuition. 
  • I’m having trouble setting boundaries.
  • I wish to exploit my potential. 

Recognizable? I gladly invite you for a non-committal intake, so we can explore your motive for life coaching. Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more or if you want to make an appointment.

How does life coaching at Hart & Ziel Coaching work?

The intake

Every coaching trajectory starts with a non-committal intake. The intake can be seen as a first acquaintance and exploration of your motive for life coaching. Before the intake I email you an intake form which can be filled out online. During the intake I will ask you a lot of questions to specify your motive(s) and to find out if I’m able to coach you. The intake also helps us to feel if we click and can work together.   

Spot on the horizon & being in the here and now

During the intake we’ve explored your motive(s) for coaching. This will be our spot on the horizon during the coaching trajectory. Simultaneously, we will work in the here and now. Meaning if something meaningful arises during a session, we will give it the attention it needs. For example: your goal is to experience more confidence, but a recent event is occupying your mind during a session. Ignoring what’s bothering you won’t work. That’s why we will give whatever is on your mind space en attention first. After this it’s possible to have full attention for your coaching goals once again. So as a coach, I’m alert on what’s going on in the here and now, while keeping a close eye on the spot on the horizon and the so called ‘red thread’. 

The sessions

On average, we have a session once every 2 or 3 weeks. However, this can differ per person. Together we agree on what works best for you. A sessions lasts one hour to one hour and a half. Sometimes you’ll experience that one hour is more than enough. If that’s the case, then there’s no use continuing the session. Other times one hour and a half sessions fly by unbelievably quickly. The total amount of sessions differs per person. The average amount of coaching sessions people need is about 5. 

Coaching in the coaching practice or in nature

Do you live in or nearby The Hague? Than we can either meet at my coaching practice or at the beach/ in the dunes. A lot of clients enjoy outdoor coaching, as walking in nature soothes the soul. Other clients prefer the feeling of security and warmth in my coaching practice. Do you live to far away to meet in person? Then coaching over Skype is an excellent alternative. 

What characterizes me as a coach?

My working method is characterized by warmth, sincere interest and an intuitive approach. I gladly offer you a safe space where all feelings, emotions, thoughts and experiences are valid and worthy of my undivided attention. As a empath, I can easily understand my clients. Nothing they say is weird to me. It’s all nothing but human nature. I am a good listener and it’s easy for me to discover patterns and themes and to get to the core of things. My intuïtieve antennas come in very handy at my job! Furthermore, I see life coaching as a cooperation. I won’t tell you what to do but we will discover what works best for you together. This helps you to feel empowered ánd helps you to make the next steps autonomously. 

What happens during the coaching sessions?

During the coaching sessions we talk about what’s on your mind and how that makes you feel. I will often challenge you to feel instead of rationalizing. Sometimes we will do certain coaching exercises, such as meditation, visualization, inner child exercises, self-compassion exercises and/or analyzing and challenging your thought patterns. Through practice I’ve learnt that the use of all kinds of methods and instruments isn’t necessary to get to the core of things and to realize change. The ‘real’ work is all about us tuning in on what’s going on and what is required to make a positive change. 

Dealing with the past

It may happen that your past pops up in a coaching session. For example: the coaching makes you realize that you’re struggling today because of something that happened in the past. If this happens we will take the time to process the past. This enables you to realize a breakthrough. Processing the past helps you to better understand your own thoughts, feelings and patterns and to make new, healthier choices. Please know I won’t dig up the past just for the sake of it. 


Sometimes I’ll give you homework after a session. This depends on your goals, what happened in the session and your own preferences. I won’t give you standardized exercises as my coaching is tailored. Some examples of homework I may give you: meditation, writing exercises, analyzing your thoughts or ‘just’ implementing what you’ve learned during the coaching in real life. 

Certified coach

I am a certified life coach. Amongst others I’ve studies Intuitive Coaching at IMC Mensontwikkeling. This education is accredited by the NOBCO (The Dutch order of professional coaches).

Experience abroad

I have lived and worked in London and I have studied in Lisbon. I love meeting people from other countries and cultures and consider myself to be an open-minded person. I find that it is quite easy to level with people who also have experience abroad. Which is why I would love to work with you!

How do other clients experience my coaching?

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What if The Hague is too far away?

Life coaching over Skype works great if you don’t live around The Hague. Coaching over Skype is practically the same as ‘normal’ coaching, it just involves a screen.

What does life coaching at Hart & Ziel Coaching cost?

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What kind of people benefit from my coaching?

Willingness to reflect on yourself and willingness to open up and be vulnerable is key for any kind of life coaching. As I work with intuition a lot, I prefer to work with people who are open to an intuitive approach. In my coaching practice we don’t just analyse and rationalize, we also work a lot with feelings and inner wisdom. I challenge and help you to make a shift from thinking to feeling. Most clients find it a bit uncomfortable at first to really feel what’s going on inside of them. After a while they find that my approach leads to in-depth insights and more sustainable solutions and changes. 

Life coaching and psychological disorders

As a life coach I’m not trained to work with psychological disorders. So if you’re experiencing psychological problems, changes are I’ll refer you to a doctor or specialist. However, having problems doesn’t necessarily mean I can’t help you. Life coaching can be a good addition to specialized help. This would need to be discussed with your doctor or specialist of course. If I feel I’m not equipped enough to help you, I will let you know. 

Who’s Jojanneke Koedam?

Click here to read more about me and my path to coaching (soon available in English).

Vision Hart & Ziel Coaching

I belief in a healthy balance between our mind and our heart. We live in a world that, generally speaking, encourages us to use our mind and discourages us to feel. This makes it hard to know what you feel and what you want. When you’re used to taking care of other people’s needs, it’s probably even harder. This is why I love working with feelings and intuition. It helps you to get back to you. 

I also belief that a better world begins with you and the choices you make. You are responsible for the choices you make in life and the way you respond to circumstances. A better world also begins with establishing a loving relationship with yourself: accepting en respecting yourself instead of criticizing and rejecting. Feeling and knowing that you’re good enough, just as you are, paves the way for many good things. Loving, healthy relationships, setting boundaries, feeling empowered, self-realization: it all usually starts with self-compassion and self-love. 

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More information or scheduling an appointment

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