Fees life coaching

Intake free or 50 euros including VAT
Fee per session for individuals 115 euros including VAT
Discount package deal for individuals 499 (instead of 575) euros including VAT
Fee per session for employers 170 euros excluding VAT

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The intake is free when you choose to be coached by me. If you don’t choose to be coached by me after the intake the fee is 50 euros (including VAT).

Life coaching sessions for individuals

The fee for individuals is 115 euros per life coaching session (including VAT). A sessions last from one hour to one hour and a half.

Discount package deal

Do you really want to commit to your personal growth and goals? In that case the life coaching discount package deal might be just for you. With the discount package deal you buy 5 life coaching sessions at once for the price of 499 euros instead of 575 euros (fees including VAT). The package deal expires after one year, which gives you plenty of time to book your sessions. Although the total of life coaching sessions needed differs per person, 5 sessions is pretty average.

Compensation by your employer

I recommend asking your employer if they are willing to compensate the costs for your personal development. It just might be that a partial or complete compensation is possible. For employers the coaching fee is 170 euros per coach session (excluding VAT).

Please note: I never discuss your coaching sessions and your progress with your employer without your consent. Your privacy and preferences are always my priority.

Tax-deductible (career) coaching

In some cases the costs for (career) coaching are detuctible in The Netherlands. You can find information about the possibilities and terms on the website of the Belastingdienst.

What if you really want to be coaches by me, but can’t afford it?

Do you really want to be coached by me, but can’t you afford coaching? And is a compensation by your employer not possible? Please contact me and let me know what is possible for you. We might be able to work something out.

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