Everyday idealism: for everyone who wants to do something good for the world

“I want to do something good for the world” is a common saying in my coaching practice. Often this beautiful desire is accompanied by a certain despair. Because what to do? Not every idealist has a clear goal or plan in mind, but that does not diminish the desire. Sometimes the mission is clear, but seems impossible to realize. That too can be frustrating. Whatever is the case for you as an idealist: you can already contribute to a better world today. With this blog I hope to inspire you to put your idealism into an everyday practice. Not only will it allow you to contribute to a better world, it will make you feel good as well!

Praktisch idealisme: voor iedereen die iets goeds wilt doen voor de wereld

Give yourself and your dream time

Don’t get me wrong: if you have big dreams or plans to make this world a better place, I sincerely hope that you will realize them. If you still don’t know what or how; allow yourself time. You are in a process that cannot be forced, just as pulling on a plant does not lead to faster growth of the plant. What I do recommend: be patient and keep your dream alive, for example by daydreaming.  For the creative world improvers among us, the book “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert might be valuable.

What does a better world mean to you?

An interesting question to ask yourself is: what does a better and/or more beautiful world look like in your eyes? Is this, for example, a just world, a world in which there is more laughter, more understanding for each other or better care for our planet? What do you get upset about? What would you like to see differently? It’s not necessary to limit yourself to a specific theme, but it’s helpful to have some idea of the things your heart goes out to. Don’t know so well? No problem. Just read the rest of this blog article and you will find that certain ideas appeal to you more than others.

Making sustainable choices

Making sustainable choices based on love and care for our planet and all its living beings: it’s trendy, it’s necessary and it’s fun. My most important tip when it comes to sustainability is: don’t be too strict on yourself and allow yourself to make sustainable choices step by step. As soon as you start to delve into what could be better and greener, you can feel rather overwhelmed, is my own experience. Every sustainable choice you make is one in the right direction. There are so many green choices you can make, it’s impossible to list them all in this blog. From reducing your plastic consumption, using fewer animal products, using your water and energy consumption more economically to making your wardrobe and bathroom cabinet more sustainable: it’s all possible and it all contributes. A very informative guide that can help you is ‘This is a good guide’ from Marieke Eyskoot.

Fighting for injustice

If injustice in the world makes you angry, I can imagine that you don’t quite know what you can do as an individual. Assuming everything consists of energy and everything is connected (something I believe myself), every action, whether small and large, makes sense. It makes sense that injustice is fought in courts. It makes sense to stand up for someone you know who is being harmed. Look around you and see what you can do here and now. Perhaps it suits you to draw attention to injustice on social media. Or maybe you can be the one who speaks up at work, if something happens that feels wrong. If you feel that you need to learn to stand up for yourself,  then I advise you to start by doing just that. You won’t be doing it just for yourself, because standing up for yourself can be very inspiring for others. Who knows what you might set in motion.

Contributing to a kinder world

Being kind to yourself

Do you feel that people should be nicer to one another? That’s great, because there’s a lot you can do to help make this happen! It all starts with yourself.  How kind are you to yourself? Practicing self-love and self-compassion is a very important part of contributing to a kinder world. I sincerely believe that the world would flourish enormously if everyone did this. A lot of misery in the world can be traced down to a lack of self-love. Lack of self-love, for example, leads to narcissistic behavior (narcissism is basically about enormous uncertainty), destructive attempts to get love from others (manipulation, for example) and to condemning others (bringing others down to feel better). So practicing self love is really not just about being kind to yourself, it’s also about doing your part when it comes to a kinder world. You can learn to be kind to yourself, is both my personal and professional experience. It can be helpful to read about it, to attend a workshop or something like that or to seek professional help (it would be my pleasure to help you feel more self-love!).

Live and let live

Also important if you want to commit yourself to a kinder world: try to condemn others less. Live and let live, that will ultimately make you the happiest. Realize that everyone has a story and that we all ultimately want to feel happy and loved. Naturally, gossiping also does not contribute to a kinder world, nor does spreading negativity online. Be mindful when it comes to the way you are present, both in the online and offline world. Is it a reflection of what you wish for the world?

Shine your light

Perhaps my favorite way of contributing to a better world: shining my light! I find that light and love can be found in unexpected,  short-lived moments. Like  a heart to heart conversation, a genuine smile, a small, sweet gesture. These are the moments that can light up your day and put a smile upon your face. The wonderful thing about shining light is that giving and receiving is more or less the same. If you see someone light up because of something you have said or done, it will also make you happy. You can shine your light in many, various ways. For example by giving a smile, by surprise a colleague with a nice coffee or simply by informing how someone is doing and then actually listening. The simplest things can make such a nice difference.

Working as a volunteer

Volunteering is of course always an option. If structural voluntary work is too much (or if you just don’t feel like it – that’s okay too!), perhaps it is possible and fun to participate just for a day. If you live in The Hague, I advise you to took a look at ‘Den Haag Doet’.

This blog article is probably not complete, but I hope I have been able to inspire you. Above all, I hope that you realize that you can already do something with your good intentions and that every action, large and small, makes a difference.

Love, Jojanneke
Intuïtief Life coach | Hart & Ziel Coaching | The Hague


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