Everyday idealism: for everyone who wants to do something good for the world

“I want to do something good for the world” is a common saying in my coaching practice. Often this beautiful desire is accompanied by a certain despair. Because what to do? Not every idealist has a clear goal or plan in mind, but that does not diminish the desire. Sometimes the mission is clear, but seems impossible to realize. That too can be frustrating. Whatever is the case for you as an idealist: you can already contribute to a better world today. With this blog I hope to inspire you to put your idealism into an everyday practice. Not only Verder lezen

Autumn invites you to reflect, harvest and let go

After an initial resistance towards the end of the summer, I am now happy that autumn is here. Not only because nature is so beautiful at this time of the year, but especially because autumn is the season for contemplating, harvesting and letting go. After a time of growth and flowering, autumn invites you to examine the harvest. What was successful and what didn’t turn out as you wished? The energy of autumn helps you to reflect on everything that you have put energy into during spring and summer. What should you celebrate and what should you let go of?¬†With Verder lezen

Why paying attention to your language stimulates your personal growth

Language is a wonderful thing. The words and sentences that you use have so much meaning: they determine (partly) how you present yourself in the world, how you come across and the extent to which you value yourself. That is why I always pay attention to the language used by my clients and why I sometimes motivate them to use a different formulation. One that is more loving and less self-critical, for example.The language you use can make you feel small or powerful. It can make you feel motivated or demotivated. Language can do all that, which means it can Verder lezen

The “see, I’m not good enough” story

“She’s angry with me”. I was pretty sure about it. I had not heard from her on a – for me – important day and I tried to understand why. My thoughts kept going in circles. Had something happened? Did I say something offense? No, I didn’t think so. And yet: it was alarmingly quiet. I had experienced situations like this before and in the past it had indeed occurred that someone was angry with me while I was not aware of any harm. That had lead to trust issues. After all, you could never know for sure if everything Verder lezen

These signals indicate you’re in a toxic relationship

Romantic relationships are never perfect, often challenging and always educational. Amongst others, relationships teach you about your values, boundaries and the areas in which there’s room for personal growth. These are things that you can learn in both healthy and unhealthy relationships, and in that sense, every relationship has a certain purpose. But there are relationships that are not just a bit complicated, but toxic. The toxic relationship can be difficult to identify, especially if you are in the middle of it. That is because the toxicity usually does not manifest itself from the start, but gradually. Because of that Verder lezen