Autumn invites you to reflect, harvest and let go

After an initial resistance towards the end of the summer, I am now happy that autumn is here. Not only because nature is so beautiful at this time of the year, but especially because autumn is the season for contemplating, harvesting and letting go. After a time of growth and flowering, autumn invites you to examine the harvest. What was successful and what didn’t turn out as you wished? The energy of autumn helps you to reflect on everything that you have put energy into during spring and summer. What should you celebrate and what should you let go of?¬†With this article I will help you contemplate.

What did you sow this year?

What did you put energy into this year with the desire that it would lead to a good result? Maybe you have started something new; such as a project, your own company or a new job. Perhaps it has been al about your personal development and have you worked dedicated on your personal growth. And what did you sow when it comes to love and relationships? For example, have you invested a lot in finding love or maintaining it (or reviving it)? Consider the (unconscious) intentions with which you started this year. What was important to you? What did you hope would happen?

What about the harvest?

Now that you know what you have sown, it’s time to take a critical look at your harvest. By critical I mean primarily honest and objective. You don’t have to judge the results. It is a fact of nature that not everything always comes to fruition. Sometimes that’s actually simply necessary, so that other, more important things can take up all the needed space and energy. So looking at what you have sown; what about the harvest? What has blossomed and what has done well beyond expectations? What has hardly blossomed at all?

Acknowledge your work and the result

You have sown; now you can harvest what has blossomed. Acknowledge yourself for the work you have done. Acknowledge the dedication and the desire with which it all started. And above all: acknowledge the result. You are allowed to celebrate your success! Whatever it is about and no matter how big or small your success is. It doesn’t even have to be a visible success. Sometimes it is all about the invisible changes, such as feeling better about yourself or having found a new direction in life.

Reflect on what has not blossomed

Of course it is also important to reflect on what hasn’t blossomed. How come it didn’t come to fruition? There can be all kinds of reasons, such as:

  • You did not really have faith in it anyway.
  • Other elements in your life (situations, people, projects, etc.) demanded your full attention and energy.
  • You have been influenced by negative thoughts from others.
  • It just didn’t have the potential to come to life.
  • You thought it was necessary, but did you really, really want it?
  • The timing wasn’t right.

Make time for introspection and be honest and free of judgment. What apparently did not work in terms of approach, attitude and circumstances? What would you do differently next time, with the wisdom you now have?

Letting go in the fall

Now that you have taken a critical look at your harvest, it’s time to determine what isn’t worth your time and energy anymore (for the time being, anyway). What can you let go of? Letting go doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give up a dream or ambition completely, although it is possible that an idea just isn’t realistic and/or feasible right now. Sometimes it is more about releasing certain expectations or a planning/ deadline/ approach. What are you letting go now, with the knowledge and confidence that a new cycle of growth (spring!) will dawn again?

I wish you a wonderful autumn and time of letting go.

Love, Jojanneke
Intuitive Life coach | Hart & Ziel Coaching | the Hague


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