Intuïtief life coach Jojanneke Koedam zee 2019

Do you wish to grow and blossom? Then I welcome you at Hart & Ziel Coaching (Heart & Soul Coaching). My name is Jojanneke Koedam and it’s my mission to help you to be more compassionate with yourself. Why? Because self-compassion is vital when it comes to all aspects of personal development. From finding out what you truly desire in life to self-realization. From healthy, loving relationships to standing up for yourself. Interested? I coach in my coaching practice in The Hague, The Netherlands, at the beach and in the dunes of The Hague and over Skype.

Life coaching

Are you ready for the next step in your personal development? As an intuitive life coach I gladly guide you on your path. Themes that often arise in my coaching practice are: high sensitivity, following your heart, self-acceptance and feeling it’s okay to be yourself, nonviolent communication, finding meaning in life and burnout recovery. My working method is characterized by warmth, sincere interest and an intuitive approach. Here you can read more about my working method, rates and practical details.